Helping you flourish

                       emotionally, spiritually, mentally.


About Me

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I'm Bronwyn, a Specialist Wellness Counsellor licensed with the ASCHP. I have my Honours in Sociology, Masters in Social Development and graduated Cum Laude with Psychology Honours in 2019 through SACAP. I volunteer with the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre as a schools Counsellor, and have worked in the NGO sector for a number of years. I also worked in South Korea for a year, and taught in South Africa briefly.

I am committed to learning and growing, and love reading, watching documentaries and attending trainings. At this stage I do not plan on pursuing a Masters in Psychology, as I am passionate about the space that counselling occupies and want it to be a more accepted and recognised form of mental health support.


Just as wildflowers flourish on the banks of rivers, so is my heart for you to find a space that nourishes the hope within you. No matter what has led you to this place, allow me to walk this journey with you.



phone: 072 246 2286

My Approach

I love to see people empowered, hopeful and growing, and I hope to bring that to my practice. I apply a client-centered and holistic approach to my counselling, where the goal is to support clients in finding solutions to their problems and purpose in their lives. 



the individual experience of self-care,

relaxation, stress-reduction and the

development of inner-strength 


developing and realising a sense of

life-meaning and purpose


practicing healthy thoughts, feelings

and coping mechanisms



Initial 15 min free coffee consultation


Standard Individual Session: R350

Student Session: R285*

*Student sessions apply to children, adolescents and current university students.

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